Drive It Day April 2019

Drive It Day takes place every year to help raise awareness of the large and important extent of the classic vehicle movement in the Ireland. David and Marian Cuddy took this opportunity to run an annual Drive It Day Tour for 26 Edwardian vehicles, with the dual aims of increasing historic vehicle exposure and providing our members with their first Spring run of 2019, to have fun, enjoy the cars, drive, and the company of like-minded enthusiasts. 

Drive It Day is traditionally held on the last Sunday in April (28th this year) and its primary aim is to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles on the roads without any undue restriction and to support its member organisations.

We forgathered at Adare Machinery where David & Marian provided warm scones and hot coffee aplenty giving members a chance to meet up after six months in T hibernation. Our photographs show the meet & greet gathering.

Drivers Briefing

The Honorary Secretary introduced our recently elected President Ann Duffy who welcomed members to Adare and thanked them for their support.

David Cuddy outlined the scenic route that we would take for the day, visiting Terra Nova – a small but creative garden – and ending up in Bruff for Sunday lunch.

Commencement of Drive

Upon leaving Adare Machinery we were handed a booklet of instructions showing the way.  We weaved in an out of minor roads for upwards of 25 kms. Fresh hedgerows, bluebells and emerging foliage on beech hedges and trees was there to be enjoyed. The absence of vehicular traffic too made the driving experience a delight only to validate the careful planning and care that our route master poured into the event preparations beforehand. 

Terra Nova Garden

Terra Nova is a beautifully designed and richly planted, award winning garden set in the Golden Vale of Co. Limerick. Packed to the brim with plants and personality, come and meet the fairies and feel the magic for yourself.  Terra Nova pride themselves on having the finest fairy emporium in the land and welcome visitors to call throughout the year. 

There’s a sense of urgency in the air at the moment. Plants are growing rapidly and so are the weeds. Too much bare soil at this time of the year is an invitation to weed seedlings, and yet plenty of room has to be left for the summer growers. This is where the real skill of gardening comes in, being able to use the same spot again and again through the seasons.

Look for plants that grow and flower early and dot them generously through geraniums, delphiniums and any other late flowering perennials. Summer dormant plants, such as this attractive double yellow flowered form of Ranunculus ficaria die back immediately after flowering, leaving vacant bed space for their neighbours to have a nice stretch!

Terra Nova is one of Ireland’s best known small, privately owned gardens and is a firm favourite with garden visitors of all ages. A half acre that appears so much larger due to the use of weaving pathways, imaginative features and an ingenious use of space, nothing goes to waste here in this lush oasis.

Originally a wet, boggy field full of horsetail and rushes, it has been transformed beyond recognition and now features regularly in the media. A past winner of  the prestigious title of “Best Garden in Ireland”, Terra Nova is dynamic, a space that never stands still. Although it is without doubt, a plant lovers garden, it offers so much more. Next stop Bruff.

Sunday Lunch at The Old Bakehouse

We all had the pleasure of sitting down together as one group of happy travelers, old, not so old, young and very young  in the age range of under one to over eighty. Not to worry on this score as all cars without exception are well over 90 years of age and on them has reached 110 years.

Presentation and Farewell

Our President Anne Duffy addressed her constituents.  She said the was honoured to have been chosen to lead our club  for the coming year.  She thanked David and Marian Cuddy for their graciousness and hospitality.  She extended a special welcome to two new members, John Quinn and John Naughton jnr. 

She paid tribute to our Motor Bike squad for marshaling the many junctions on the circuitous route throughout the day.  On behalf of our members she made a presentation to David of an Ash wood turned 7 inch bowl crafted especially for the occasion.

In response David said that Marian, children and grand children looked forward to holding the event this year especially as it took place on the internationally acclaimed Drive It Day. He appreciated the support of the 26 cars owners and their guests, family and friends without whom it would not work.  He thanked the Club members or the kind gesture of an Ash Bowl with thanks and gratitude. 

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