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Brass Brigade September 2019

Whilst not a Club event, the Annual Brass Brigade is one that receives wholesome support from our members. Martin, a kind enthusiast presented us with a compendium of photographs for our enjoyment.

Brass Brigade August 2018 – Photos by Nuala Grogan 0

Brass Brigade August 2018 – Photos by Nuala Grogan

Nuala Grogan, a member of Carlow Camera Club was on hand with her photographic equipment taking images on the action over the week end of 26th August 2018 for the occasion of the 5th annual Brass Brigade organised by IVVCC.  She kindly donated the images of...


Brass Brigade August 2018

Not a club event but one supported by many members of The Irish Model T Club to the extent that out of a roll call of 50 brass cars, 24 were from our membership. Perhaps 50% represents that number of cars in the early part...


Brass Brigade Dungarvan October 2017

Out of an entry of 90 brass cars, all up to 1918, there were 33 Model T Cars plus a Model N, a splendid representation of our historic vehicle. Shane Houlihan, chief organiser, member and T owner complimented Club members for their sterling support of...


Dungarvan September 2015

Members individually applied for participation in the second Brass Brigade week end run where rally headquarters were at The Park Hotel in Dungarvan. A sponsored event made the occasion very good value for money which was appreciated very much given the top quality service we experienced...