Coláiste an Phiarsaigh Retro Day 2018

Our local secondary school in Glanmire, Co. Cork requested our assistance in the provision of an old car so as to take part in a Retro Day for the pupils in 5th year.

Thug an pobal scoil i Gleann maghair Contae. Corcaí cuireadh  duinn glacadh páirt san ‘Lá Retro’ don 5ú bliana agus chun gluaisteán sean fhaiseanta a teaspáint.

Teachers and students alike embraced the concept and The Irish Model T Ford Club members took up the invitation with an enthusiastic response.

 Bhí na múinteoirí agus na daltaí go léir sásta lenáir teaspáinteas agus bhain said taitneamh as.

We brought along cars of the period of manufacturing starting off with two brass cars, one a 1914 Touring Car and another one a 1915 Touring Car.

Thugamar isteach cúpla gluaisteán, dhá cárr a raibh bhrás, ceann dóibh ó 1914 agus an ceann eile ó 1915.

A Cork made Touring Car, March 1926, showed the style of the improved Ford, after sales had lagged a little bit.

Teas-pain carr a rugadh i Corcaigh, Márta 1926, an stíl don branda Ford, tar dis na díolachain a chuaigh síos.

Finally a 1927 TT one ton truck came along as well just to show a sample of the many variety and uses of the Model T.

Deireadh thanaig lorraí a rugadh i 1927, chun teaspáinteas beag a thabairt don Model T.

We gave the students in the time slot allowed a brief synopsis of the car, manufactured between 1909 and 1927, how 15 million were made, how world war of 1914 to 1918 intervened and the many different body styles available during this time.  

Henry Ford’s Dad came from Ballinascarthy known works wide as the one that put the world on wheels.  The last Model T was made in Cork in December 1927.

Thainaig athair le Henry Ford ó Ballinascarthyagus chuir sé an domhain ar rothar. Bhí an Model T deirneach déanta I Corcaigh, mí na Nollaig 1927.

We pointed out to the young people that in our fathers’ time they witnessed the transition from horse to fossil fuel motorised transport; the students’ will witness the next generation of zero emission electric powered vehicles. What a change for mankind within 100 years.

We were delighted to have been invited and to share our knowledge and experience with such polite and well behaved children of the future.

Photos of the occasion follow here…

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