Annual General Meeting March 2019

The Annual General Meeting of The Irish Model T Ford Club clg took take place at The Maldron Hotel, Portlaoise on Sunday 24th March 2019 at noon.

Club President Raymond Megaw convened the meeting and advised those present that notice and financial statements were circulated 21 days beforehand.

PRESENT were Tim Crowley, Elizabeth Kee, Adrian Violett, John  and Gill Vahey, Alan Deasy, David Cuddy, Sean McEvoy, Michael Harris, Peter Duffy, John O’Neill – Cork, John O’Neill – Dublin, John Quinn, Ronald Frayne, Ann Duffy, Eleanor Hendy, Vincent Kelly, Olene Megaw, Ann & John Eagers, Martin Fleming, Robert Clarke, Michael Loughran, Timothy Keane, Raymond Megaw, William Cuddy and Jerry Crowley.

APOLOGIES from Austen Bromley, Pat & Anna Morgan, Thomas Connor, Eamon & Sile Dunne, Lorraine Dunne, Noel O’Keeffe, Pat Daly, Nicholas Bailey, Clive Evans, John and Frances Brady, Matthew Byrne, Rev. Fr.Pat O’Donovan and Frank Gowing.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Timothy Keane reported that the Club’s reserves had been enhanced by a surplus in 2018 of €300 and that they now stand at €10,000.  He appreciated the payment on time from our members of our €10 annual subscription. He thanked his fellow officers and committees for their valuable personal time contribution in making the various events successful without a drain on our resources.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: William Cuddy thanked President Raymond Megaw for guiding our Club through his second year at the helm, where our membership continues to grow, our events are successful and our affairs are in good standing.  He paid tribute to Treasurer Timothy Keane for his steadfast attention to fiduciary matters where our Club is financially safe and secure.  He thanked committee members for taking on events throughout 2018 that were enjoyable and creative. 

In highlighting the assemblies he mentioned…

  • our annual trip to Adare hosted by David & Marian Cuddy & family,
  • our first visit to Kilkenny where Una and Jerry Crowley brought us to posh spots in his hinterland,
  • the extensive and places of interest at historical sites in West Cork brought about by Mary and John O’Neill,
  • the annual rally based in County Kerry where Matthew Byrne and Timothy Keane introduced us to the charms of Killarney and its environs,
  • Stradbally Steam fair could not manage without the static presence of a large bunch of Model Ts and the preparatory display thanks to John Hendy and Paul Murphy,
  • the annual Brass Brigadorganised by Clive Evans President of IVVCC would hardly have the critical mass of Edwardian Brass cars with out the participation of our Ts
  • and last but not least the Autumn run seat of Sean McEvoy was kept warm by Paul and John who brought us to the National Stud and Japanese Gardens in Kildare.

We had the pleasure of accepting new members from USA, UK, NI and from Eire.  These are Robert and Marilan Bishop, Gerry McCabe,Brendan O’Brien, Geoff Livingston, Aidan and Tara Rigney, Rick Kemberley & melaine Potter, Terry McEween and Patsy Collins. Members look forward to meeting with our new colleagues in due course.

Our communication with members continues to be through e-mail, our web site and our bi-annual newsletter “The Irish T Times”. We meet during the year at various events and members are briefed on current affairs informally.

We are compliant with our statutory duties and obligations in as much as financial statements are vetted by independent auditors Cuddy, O’Leary & Foley Chartered Accountants and are filed with The Registrar of Companies. We maintain third party public liability policy of insurance. On each occasion where an assembly of members takes place, a reminder to be careful, extend courtesy to fellow road users and above all respect safety advices.

Members were encouraged to get involved in local community initiatives such as school Retro Days, extending hospitality engagements to visiting scouts interested in doing business and promoting the Model T brand.  ome would say that our Club is the most active one in Ireland, adequately resourced and self governed by members and committees. 

The investment in centenary motor vehicles is a costly event, which although brings hours and years of enjoyment to owners but when the time comes to offload, there surely is in the market place those only too willing to succeed in this glorious hobby at fair value. Members’ active promotion participation will maintain the brand.

Special mention was made of Lorraine Dunne and her Club shop. Her careful attention to procurement of stylish garments and variety of stock has not gone un-noticed. Members purchase garments at cost thus getting top quality at affordable cost.  Now with two growing young boys, the transport of Club stock from place to place is not easy and so to relieve the physical hardship of loading and unloading stock, members were requested to contact the Secretary with their requirements which will be met in the usual way.

It was with sadness that we became aware of the death of three members since our last AGM. 

Cyril Hollingsworth, to add to his interests in old cars generally, had a particular gra for Model Ts and Ireland. Austen Bromley in his memoriam of Cyril said that his affection for Ireland and the Irish made rallies with him there and outstanding experience especially meeting his many friends who treated him like a member of their families.

Rodger Florio, former President of The Model T Register of Great Britain, had a lifelong passion for Model Ts going back to his youth when his father drove his 1924 Ford Fordor for a living. He came to Ireland in May 1996 as part of the Register’s tour of Ireland and was one of the 19 visitors to sign the presentation of The Model T book written by Bruce McCally where 13 of our Irish members at the time countersigned some of whom present or apologised for absence were Tim Crowley, Matthew Byrne, Frank Gowing and Eamon Dunne. Rodger visited twice again, in May 2005 on the occasion of the Cork European Capital of Culture Tour and a joint tour of 2012.

John O’Shaughnessy was our Tail End Charlie for events that took place in west Limerick for many years. With Jeep and Trailer at the ready, Big John in our earlier  days of touring was sure to rescue one or two cars because of mechanical breakdown or oversight in attending to fluids. Sometime a spare can of petrol solved the matter arising; other times it was a full recovery collection. 

However, as we all gained experience and confidence with our Ts, John’s attendances on recovery work reduced to nil. That said, he was never complacent and always at the ready for us. His good cheer and genuine affection for old cars and tractors was a delight for the many members to absorb and share. We will miss him.

We will ask Rev. Fr. Pat O’Donovan to celebrate Mass for the souls of our dearly departed members.

PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS:  Raymond Megaw, having completed his second year term of office thanked members for their support, kindness and welcome they had extended to himself and Olene. He thanked fellow officers and committee for their loyalty and support.  He enjoyed his tenure in office and is happy to hand over the reins to his successor whomsoever it may be knowing that our Club is in good standing.


  • President Ann Duffy
  • Chairman – Paul Murphy
  • Treasurer – Timothy Keane
  • Secretary – William Cuddy


David Cuddy, Robert Clarke, George Fulton, Paul Murphy, John Hendy, Sean McEvoy.


  • Drive It Day – 28th April 2019 – Adare
  • 19th May 2019 – TBA
  • 16th June 2019 – Bandon, West Cork
  • 29th/30th June 2019 – Enniskillen
  • July – TBA
  • 4th August 2019 – Stradbally
  • 15th September 2019 – Birr

ANNUAL RALLY 2020 – Kilkenny – Jerry Crowley

ANNUAL RALLY 2021 – Cavan Monaghan – Ann Duffy

ANY OTHER BUSINESS: George Fulton addressed the gathering.  He outlined the plans he has for the 30th Annual Rally to take place in Enniskillen where we expect to be joined by upwards of 20 members from the Model T Register of Great Britain which together with circa 40 ish of our members cars will make a combined goodly number. 

  • The meeting approved an entertainment supplementary charge £10 per person to cover the cost of after dinner entertainment. 
  • A professional video film of the event will be made for sale to participants and others which hopefully will be cost neutral. 
  • Before wrapping up proceedings of the day, our Secretary presented outgoing President Raymond Megaw with a hand crafted turned Ash bowl as a memento of the occasion and with thanks for his endeavours on behalf of all members. Ann Duffy stepped forward and accepted the Chain of Office.

There being no further business the meeting then ended.

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