Picnic Run Mahon Falls August 2013

Matthew Byrne and Timothy Keane responded to the vacancy in our calendar of events for Sunday 18th August. At short notice they teamed up, planed a trip somewhere East of Cork and probably in West Waterford.

We are not strangers to that area generally. However there are roads with scenic views and places to go where we have not traversed. That said, we met at JJ’s breakfast bar alongside Youghal Bridge.

Nine cars turned up and we were delighted with the turnout at such short notice. First section of our journey took us to the picturesque village of Ardmore which faces on to Dungarvan Bay.

Then a drive along the ocean way as far as a viewing spot where Helvic Head and the bay  were in full panoramic view. We are in the Gaeltacht where only native Irish is spoken and we were able to see down the Valley the Ring College, since modernised but founded in 1902.    

The official name of the area is An Rinn; a direct translation into English would mean: The Cape/Point Headland. Both An Rinn and the anglicised form Ring were on the local road-signs until 2005, when the anglicised form ceased to have any official standing. Today, road signs show the Irish name only.

At around Noon we arrived in Dungarvan and stopped along the quayside harbour. Plenty of yachting activities to be seen. Our drivers and crew headed to local pubs for coffee and other refreshments. Plenty of time for chatting and catching up.

We were soon off again, this time heading due East on the N25 and about five miles on, turned left, signposted Comeragh Drive. We were back on true Model T roads all to ourselves. Winding, narrow and hill’ish! Next up was a further sign marked Mahon Falls.  Upwards and onwards climbing steadily for a mile or so we reached the car park.

Mahon falls were clearly to be seen; fresh water cascading down the mountain side. Time for our long awaited picnic. Members were well prepared; stools, tables and rugs together with picnic baskets were the order of the day.

Fresh food abounded as did the product of home baking at its best. Sufficient to say we were well fed and watered.

A gravity or magnetic hill is a place where a slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope due to the layout of the surrounding land, creating the optical illusion that a car left out of gear will roll uphill. There is one such hill just inside the main entrance gates to Mahon Falls. Matthew Byrne was given the honours to try it out.  

The group stood at the carved boulder “Magic Road” and drove his 1914 T 100 meters down hill proceeding past the “Fairy Bush, also marked with a smaller engraved stone. Engine cut; hand brake in neutral; hands on steering wheel. Right enough, the car proceeded to reverse up the hill as far as the waiting group. Good fun! A group image was taken to record the event or posterity.

Back on the road and homeward bound as far as JJ’s and Youghal Bridge. Not that we mind too much but the weather was kind to us. Blue skies and 18c temperature with light winds made it even more pleasant. 

Farewell greetings were exchanged with grateful thanks to Matthew and Timothy for providing us with a splendid day of fun and entertainment.

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