Adare April 2018

The first run of the new Season was held on Sunday 15 April 2018. Hosts David and Marian Cuddy, together with their family, begin the eagerly awaited event which we all feel is a goodbye to Winter and anticipation of brighter days to come.

Pride of place in the reception area was a cut through working model of a Model T engine created by John O’Neill. Thorough inspection by all, it was acclaimed as an excellent piece of work of educational value to those interested in all things mechanical.

We gathered as usual at Adare Machinery just outside Croom for tea, coffee and an abundance of homemade goodies. The buzz of chatter was to be heard as friends greeted one another after the long winter break.

There was a good turnout of about 20 cars, all ticking over beautifully and brasses gleaming as we set off. We got a few glimpses of the sun shyly peeping through the clouds even though the weather forecast was not too promising. While winter is very reluctant to let go this year, there were welcome signs of the lady Spring cautiously appearing as we drove along on the first leg of our journey.

Daffodils were very much in evidence, both in the gardens and in places along the roadside. Large clumps of native primroses were to be seen on many of the banks on either sides of the roads. The route was so perfect for T driving. We drove through rural Co Limerick and encountered very little traffic.

The smooth journey was helped in no small way by the excellent marshalling of our trusty bikers who ensured we stayed on the route at all times.

Our first stop was in Kilmallock where we drove into the Business Park and lined up the Ts for a visit to JJ’s Craft Brewing Co Ltd. Following a tour of the brewing plant, we were invited to sample some of the product. There were also other refreshments available including chocolate brownies made with Abbey Stout and delicious brown and white breads also made with stout and ale. It was a most enjoyable experience for everyone.

We returned to our cars and resumed our run which took us to Bruff for a late and leisurely lunch. We had visited the Bakehouse Restaurant before and all were most impressed with the quality of the food and service. This time, we were not disappointed as the lunch provided was of equally high standard and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

After lunch, our Hon. Secretary gave a short speech thanking the Cuddy family for many years of stalwart work in organising the annual run and then presented a hand carved wooden bowl to David and grandson James.

An Irish native grown beech timber bowl was presented to John O’Neill, Dublin for his sterling work in organising the RDS event in early March and the inclusion of Model Ts on display. Of particular note is the cut out working model of T engine that was on the T stand at RDS in mid March. 

Our Secretary reported that many people had paid a compliment to our Club for hosting the premier stand which attracted the greatest foot fall and interest, with particular interest on the working model. Hopefully this will be the first of many exhibits of this workmanship both at home and elsewhere.

Our President, Raymond Megaw thanked everyone for attending the event and said he and Olene are looking forward to the upcoming runs over the next few months. He was truly surprised at the level of enjoyment of the bikers allied to their most useful and safe guidance across a multitude of country lanes which we criss-crossed at our leisure.

Our return journey back to Adare was pleasant and uneventful. We all got back to base safely and loaded up. There was tea and coffee aplenty for anyone who wanted a bit more sustenance for a long journey home as we all prepared to go our separate ways after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Special word of thanks to Breakdown driver, John O’Shaughnessy. John’s services were not called upon, thankfully, but good to know he was there!

Lastly, and most importantly, all the Cuddy Family who, year after year, organise a fabulous day out for us all and we want you to know we really appreciate and want to thank you for the hard work and commitment to our Club.

Text by Valerie Cuddy.

Dr. Kathryn Cuddy was out and about with her camera and handed in her SIM card full of images. See the photos above.

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