Adare April 2016

A sure sign of Spring for Model T Club members is when we get the date of the first run of the year, which is usually with David and Marian Cuddy in Adare.

This year, on Sunday 17th April 2016 almost 20 cars gathered for coffee, tea, scones and other goodies before we sallied forth through the Co Limerick highways and byways.

There was a lot to catch up on after the long wet and windy winter and there was a high level of chatter and laughter as we had our mid morning refreshments.

The weather was fine and bright. A bit chilly but no rain on the horizon as we set off in our Model Ts to enjoy our day. Followed by distribution of rally programmes by William Cuddy.

We headed to Croom and then on to Manister Cross and Fedamore. We drove through the village of Grange and then stopped at the famous Stone Circle composed of 113 standing stones. The Stone Circle is the largest and finest in Ireland, built circa 2200BC after the arrival of the Bronze Age.

The circle is aligned on the sunrise of the summer solstice. Included in archeological finds on the site were thousands of shards of Beaker pottery. The breaking of Beaker pots against the standing stones seems to have been part of a ceremony during that time. The largest of the Stones is called Rannach Crom Dubh and is over 40 tonnes in weight and was transported over a distance of 3 miles.

We continued our journey through the small village of Holycross and turned left to make our way to Lough Gur. We parked up on our arrival at this lovely spot beside the lake and enjoyed the tranquillity.

Lunch was our next port of call and we drove from Lough Gur to Bruff , just a short few miles away. The Bakehouse Restaurant was soon filled with our drivers and passengers eager and ready for food. We were not disappointed. We had a truly delicious meal and all compliments go to chefs and staff. Take a bow, one and all!

We loaded up our cars in readiness for home and bid our farewells til next time to our fellow enthusiasts. We had a wonderful day.

Our thanks to all who made it happen. John O’Connell and his band of merry men on their motorbikes who acted as stewards for the day ensuring we took all the right turns at junctions, etc., and making sure all got through safely. Tail End Charlie was the ever helpful John O’Shaughnessy. Thankfully he was not needed, but it was reassuring to know he was there.

Lastly, and most importantly, David and Marian Cuddy and family without whom the day would not happen. Every year they come up trumps and organise a great run. Not only that, but provide the good weather to go with it! It can truthfully be said that a great time was had by all!

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