Terenure July 2019

The latest club outing saw us attend the Terrenure car show in Dublin. The stand at the show was organised by John O’Neill.

A massive thank you goes to John for putting his time and effort into organising the stand at the show and giving up his Saturday afternoon to set up in the rain! His contributions made the stand a wonderful success at the show.

There was a great showing from the club with a total of 14 Model T’s on display throughout the day. The stand was very popular amongst the large crowd in attendance at the show. 

Once again Johns demonstrations of how the Model T engine operates were a hit with the public with at least 50 or more people listening and watching him every time, during his demonstrations throughout the day. 

The club members who had their cars on display were kept very busy during the day with plenty of questions about the T’s. It was a great day all around and great publicity for the club.

Photographs and text by Luke Fleming – with thanks and appreciation.

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