30th Annual Rally June 2019 – Day 2

Sunday morning was damp and misty so hoods and rain gear were in order as we set out on the run. Our trip took us along the western side of the Lough to our first stop at Belleek to visit the world famous Pottery.

Some of the group took a tour to see how the intricate work is done and we all visited the coffee shop for light refreshments.

Back to our cars and onwards to our final stop, the unusually named Tickedy Moo Ice Cream Shop near Enniskillen where we sampled delicious ice cream made from the fresh milk of the Jersey cows on the farm.

Rain followed us from time to time over the course of the day,but is failed to dampen the good humour and enjoyment of our merry band.

Retuning to our hotel, some of visitors departed for home as they didn’t have to long a drive. Many of us were staying the extra night, as we had longer journeys to make. Our friends from across the water left early the following morning to get to the ship in Belfast.

All of us had a truly wonderful weekend which will be remembered for a long time. Huge thanks to our host, George Fulton who was ably abetted by his brother Cairns and his wife Anne. Thanks also to Raymond and Olene Megaw who played a part in planning the routes.

All in all, a most enjoyable run in this beautiful part of Ireland and we look forward to returning sometime soon in the future.

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