Summerfield May 2013

Free Car Show

The Munster T’ers supported fellow member Johnnie Green on the occasion of his 8th annual car show at Summerfield Youghal where a display of 11 Model T Vehicles were on hand amid 250 cars and commercials of all classes and makes.

The weather was glorious and the Sunday trippers had something special to attract their attention.  No doubt the Model Ts was where the visitors first strove. Many images were taken with ordinary cell phones and reflex cameras of our Ts where members were on hand to answer the many routine questions we are now so familiar with at this stage.

Key to the success of the event is the fact that it is free both for entrants and visitors alike. Corporate sponsorship discharges the ordinary running costs leaving the event open to all whether to support a Charity if they so chose.

This year it was COPE Foundation‘s turn. The Youghal committee took the opportunity seriously and arranged draws for lovely prizes as well as a bucket collection.

Music was supplied by a live performance of a local accordionist and lyrics by a local vocalist who entertained the crowd for the afternoon.

Every one was pleased with the event and Johnnie Greene’s hard work in making the event happen was acknowledged by all.

Poor Paddy Guieran travelled in his White but did not make it. Hopefully he and his white will recover to full power soon.  Paddy…

“You are better by far in a Ford”

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