Dungourney August 2015

Sunday 23rd August 2015 heralded a call to T members to come to Dungourney and be the guest of the Rigney family for a day out with a difference. And so it certainly was.

Members from near, far and in between gathered for morning coffee, fresh scones and Rigney hospitality and to admire the fleet of old Fords set out in a large circle with Model T Fords taking centre stage in the layout.

A team of stewards were present clad out in fluorescent jackets ready to meet and greet visitors and afterwards to guide drivers on a safe passage at busy junctions and such like.

The oldest car was built in 1909 and the youngest in 1925 matching the manufacturing production years and you make it that cars of almost every intervening years were present too, with a variety of body styles from commercial trucks & vans to passenger cars open and closed, two and four seater and of course one three seater.

On arriving at Midleton we parked up in the eastern side of the large visitor’s car park and the Ford flag was hoisted. In quick time the sight of an array of old cars captured the imagination of the many visitors and holiday makers ever so eager to capture the line up on cell phones and cameras.

What a surprise we got to be received by Dad and Daughter Michael and Tara at the entrance to the Distillery where the duo played their violins to their hearts content adding a sparkle to the reception. Much appreciated and greeted with acclaim.

A conducted tour of the distillery took place and our group of 100 were divided up into four manageable segments so that the enjoyment and the parting of knowledge would be at its fullest. Everyone was pleased.

Lunch was in the visitors dining room – a feast for a king! Delicious hot lunch efficiently and graciously served was enjoyed by our members and friends.  In a short address to the gathering our secretary thanked IDL staff for their endeavours for the tours in the historical buildings and the hospitable reception with fine food and drinks laid on.

It was an opportunity to welcome newcomers too.

After lunch we headed north to Castlelyons and after a 20 minute drive undulating countryside, neat hedges and rolling hills we arrived at our next stop, Ballyvolane House.

Described on their web site an historic country house of extraordinary warmth, style and comfort that provides luxury accommodation and salmon fishing on the river Blackwater, located in the North Cork countryside of southern Ireland.  

True, it is a magnificent property with acres of space and beautifully laid out gardens. The type of place where one would dream of a weekend getaway. In contrast it must be one of the finest personal and private locations for family weddings or corporate brainstorming sessions.

Afternoon tea was served and enjoyed, plenty of summer delights with freshly brewed tea in convivial surroundings; one could not want for more.

Time flies when we enjoy ourselves and so it was time to crank up and soldier on to our final resting stop at the Rigney homestead in Dungourney.

In particular the weather was so kind to us; it seemed that wet conditions preceded us and happily not a drop fell wherever we went. Noel O’Keeffe set up the corner of the garage for music, song and dancing where the guests partook to the fullest and relaxed in the merriment and convivial  company of one another. It was a good day.

To Michael, Joan and family we say thank you. To the stewards we say you did a good job, guided us efficiently and made our passage safe. To the catering corps we say you fed us extraordinarily well. To the music man, your talent for arousing merriment and song is appreciated.

Finally to our members, thank you for showing up in large numbers, driving with courtesy and presenting your vehicles in splendid condition for members of the public, passers and such like to admire.

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