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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Having received an invitation from The Model T Register of Great Britain for a presence on their stand at NEC in November, we gladly accepted.  

We brought our banner of the stainless steel replica which was placed in position alongside the Golden T.

On the stand was a work in progress 1911 speedster that was inspected by many visitors who were interested in the component parts of a T.

Another car of huge interest was a 1913 Touring Car with real history, owned by one family for a century.  

Irish people were represented.  Some residing inUK; some members from UK;  some members from Ireland.

The GOLDEN FORD was a big hit especially as the racing driver stayed putor two solid days greeting visitors and allowing plenty of opportunities for special photos.


Literature was aplenty.  We provided application forms and brochures to those ho asked.  The UK Club likewise with other books and pamplets on offer.

Before signing off just a few extra photographs of the wonderful Manchester built 1913 car, in perfect running order and in original condition.  A true treasure.

That is all for now folks.

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Help support this site, sponsored ads
Help support this site, sponsored ads