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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Sam’s Cross was the birth place of Michael Collins.  He was born on 16th October 1890: he died on 22nd August 1922 at Beal an Blaith.  Today, 21st August 2016, the President of Ireland becomes the first head of State to deliver an historic Michael Collins oration.

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The Collins’pub (no relation) called the Four Alls was the last place he stopped for a beverage and meeting with family and friends on that fateful day.

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This is the background of our Model T trip to Sam’s Cross on Sunday 21st August 2016 because the locals had organised the visit of three very important vehicles with historical links to the past.


First the Moon Car,  yellow Rolls Royce Silver Ghost;


Second a 1915 Model T Ford belonging to Kitty Kiernan’s Brother; and, last if not least the only Armoured Car manufactured by Rolls Royce on a Silver Ghost Chassis.


We were invited to display our Model Ts in the court yard of the Four Alls so that the gathering visitors could be entertained while we awaited the visit of Sliamh na mBan.

DSC04399 DSC04398 DSC04414

The weather was misty and warm but pleasant nonetheless.

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Before all of this we foregathered at the premises of Bandon Motors, Main Ford Dealers where we were greeted by proprietors and members Robert and Catherine Clarke.  Their showroom had just undergone a makeover and we were delighted to be the first group of visitors to enjoy the setting, fresh sandwiches and late morning tea and coffee and admire the extensive range of new ford cars and commercials.

DSC04385 DSC04389 DSC04388 DSC04387 DSC04386

We renewed acquaintances and chatted awhile until a little after two o’clock we set off in convoy to our destination.  We ambled slowly through Clonakily where we were thrown by the splendid and welcoming townspeople and visitors.  CLonakilty too has got a makeover and is well worth a visit.  Just wondering is it the Capital of West Cork.

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At the appointed hour we arrived at Sam’s Cross, parked up and dealt with questions and answers from the many interested visitors, holiday makers and Collins fans.  We enjoyed fresh tea and apple tart provided by our hosts.

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The next group of visitors were our equine friends with highly groomed ponies and polished carts who had spent the afternoon enjoying the West Cork countryside, low density of traffic and road conditions  most suitable for horses or Model Ts.  Thinking about it all, given it was a day of nostalgic, to see a parade of horses and a parade of Model Ts, one replacing the other, and today both standing side by side in harmony and tranquility.


Come five o’clock along came the RR Armoured Car, purring like a kitten and driven expertly by members of The Irish Army, who had recently restored this historical vehicle to perfection.  One could be forgiven for commenting that we witnessed another makeover: surely a record for our Club: three in one day!

Given the occasion we could not let it happen where we would not take the group photograph.  ThereDSC04455 DSC04454

DSC04447 DSC04449 DSC04443 DSC04442 DSC04441 DSC04438 DSC04437 DSC04436 were so many people milling around the celebretary vehicles that it was difficult to marshal all our group together.

Group at Sam's Cross photographed in front of Sliabh na mBan, The Moon Car and Kitty Kiernan's brother's 1915 Model T Ford.

Group at Sam’s Cross photographed in front of Sliabh na mBan, The Moon Car and Kitty Kiernan’s brother’s 1915 Model T Ford.

However, the photograph tells the tale:  probably got most of them.

DSC04390 DSC04391 DSC04393 DSC04395 DSC04401 DSC04404 DSC04403 DSC04402 DSC04400 DSC04407

We agree that we return to base by 5:30 to allow everyone to get home in daylight.

DSC04406 DSC04405 DSC04408 DSC04404 DSC04440

Today was an exception as we did not depart until six thirty:  we motored back to base in great style having been seen off by the masses.  More sandwiches and refreshments at Bandon Motors and duly refreshed for our homeward journey.

DSC04458 DSC04457 DSC04435 DSC04433 DSC04434 DSC04427 DSC04417 DSC04416 DSC04411 DSC04409 DSC04410

Given that the notice was short and the gathering modest by our standards, nonetheless the Club appreciates the turn out and support for our guests.  As always Robert and Catherine are super and generous hosts to whom we are most appreciative.  Their reward will come…we will make a presentation of an Irish Beech hand turned bowl to our hosts in September at the Autumn Run scheduled to take place on 18th September next.


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