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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Irish Model T Ford Club.
Annual Blackwater Run.
Sunday 22nd May 2016.



Hard to believe, but it is May and time for our Annual Blackwater Run,which takes us through lovely East Cork and West Waterford.

DSC03493 DSC03492 DSC03491 DSC03490 DSC03489 Tim Crowley Rally Report

Approximately 15 Ts gathered at the home of Tim and Elizabeth on Sunday 22nd May. It was a beautiful sunny morning, even though we were promised rain later!!

DSC03494 DSC03508 DSC03505 DSC03504 DSC03503 DSC03502 DSC03501 DSC03500 DSC03499 DSC03498 DSC03497 DSC03496 DSC03495
The sun glistened on the calm waters of Youghal Bay and indeed all our cars were glistening too, in particular those of us who had been busy with the brass polish in readiness for the day! We were happy to welcome David & Kate two Australian T owners who arrived in Ireland for a holiday and joined us on the run.

DSC03518 DSC03517 DSC03516 DSC03514 DSC03513 DSC03512 DSC03511 DSC03510 DSC03509
As is our custom, we assembled in good time for our morning cuppa.  Elizabeth always provides an excellent spread of goodies and this year did not disappoint.
We set off on  and our first stop was to Tim’s “Eternal Project” on the outskirts of Youghal, where we admired the progress since last year. Well done Tim.

DSC03520 DSC03532 DSC03531
DSC03529 DSC03528 DSC03527 DSC03526 DSC03525 DSC03524 DSC03523 DSC03521
Back on the road,we retraced our tracks and turned off the main road towards Clashmore and on to Villierstown where we had a brief stop for refreshments, music and a bit of dancing… you do on a Sunday morning!!! A few nasty black clouds appeared overhead as we prepared to continue so hoods were hastily put up and we set off again through the ornate gate and along the delightful Dromana Drive to Cappoquin. These roads are perfect for our cars and we motored along enjoying the sights and scents of the countryside all around us.

DSC03533 DSC03559 DSC03558 DSC03557 DSC03556 DSC03554 DSC03553 DSC03552 DSC03551 DSC03550 DSC03549 DSC03547 DSC03546 Youghal
DSC03544 DSC03543 DSC03542 DSC03541 DSC03539 DSC03538 DSC03537 DSC03536 DSC03535 DSC03534
Of course, with cars as old as ours there is always a chance that Something Might Go Wrong and that in itself is part of the day. There are always willing hands to help, a spanner or two to hand and advice aplenty for anyone who happens to get stuck at the side of the road. Bob Clarke’s car suffered a puncture just before we got to Cappoquin but he was up and running in no time with the help of T comrades who joined in the wheel change proceedings.

DSC03560 DSC03568 DSC03565 DSC03564 DSC03563 DSC03561
Back on the road again, we drove through Cappoquin along the river to Lismore House Hotel where we enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by a musical interlude and a wander through the Sunday Market across the road.
Lismore is such a lovely place to spend some time. Apart from the magnificent Castle, which dominates the town, one can visit the Lismore Heritage Centre, St Carthage’s Church of Ireland Cathedral and the Millennium Park.

DSC03571 DSC03475 IMG_7822 IMG_7824 DSC03573 DSC03572
Our thanks to all the people who made the event go so smoothly.
Firstly and most importantly, our hosts Tim and Elizabeth who always organise an enjoyable run, and have done so for the past 11 years and we hope will continue for at least 11 more !!!!

Tim Crowley Rally Report is something that you might read and amuse yourself.  Tim is a scribe extraordinary and has the capacity to pen an article that is factually correct, with amusing words of wisdom with a humourist twist.  Well done and thanks Tim.


Tadhg Keane our recovery man. Dave Gleeson and Frank Keane who looked after parking and marshalling , not forgetting  our accordion supremo Jerry Crowley.
We look forward to our next run in West Cork on Sunday, June 12th with Mary and John O’Neill.


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