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Model T Ford - Ireland

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A sure sign of Spring for Model T Club members is when we get the date of the first run of the year, which is usually with David and Marian Cuddy in Adare.




First of all, photos of the cars.

DSC03006 DSC03009 DSC03008 DSC03007 DSC03012 DSC03015 DSC03014 DSC03013 DSC03021 DSC03020 DSC03019 DSC03018 DSC03017 DSC03016 DSC03023 DSC03022
This year, on Sunday 17 April almost 20 cars gathered for coffee,tea,scones and other goodies before we sallied forth through the Co Limerick highways and byways.

DSC03005 DSC03004 DSC03011 DSC03010 DSC03024 DSC03027 DSC03026 DSC03025 DSC03030 DSC03029 DSC03028 DSC03033 DSC03032 DSC03031 DSC03038 DSC03037 DSC03034
There was a lot to catch up on after the long wet and windy winter and there was a high level of chatter and laughter as we had our mid morning refreshments.

More car pictures…

DSC03055 DSC03054 DSC03053 DSC03048 DSC03046 DSC03045 DSC03042 DSC03043 DSC03044 DSC03047 DSC03041 DSC03040 DSC03039
The weather was fine and bright. A bit chilly but no rain on the horizon as we set off in our Model Ts to enjoy our day.

DSC03050 DSC03049 DSC03052 DSC03051 DSC03056 DSC03062 DSC03059 DSC03058 DSC03061 DSC03060 DSC03057 DSC03065 DSC03067 DSC03064 DSC03063 DSC03066
Group picture first…


Followed by distribution of rally programmes by William Cuddy…

DSC03075 DSC03074 DSC03073 DSC03071 DSC03072 DSC03080 DSC03079 DSC03076

We headed to Croom and then on to Manister Cross and Fedamore. We drove through the village of Grange and then stopped at the famous Stone Circle composed of 113 standing stones.

DSC03084 DSC03085 DSC03086 DSC03082 DSC03081 DSC03087 DSC03089

The Stone Circle is the largest and finest in Ireland. built circa 2200BC  after the arrival of the Bronze Age.

DSC03091 DSC03090 DSC03089 DSC03092 DSC03093 DSC03094 DSC03103 DSC03102 DSC03101 DSC03100 DSC03099 DSC03098 DSC03097 DSC03096 DSC03095 DSC03105 DSC03104 DSC03108

The circle is aligned on the sunrise of the summer solstice. Included in archeological finds on the site were thousands of shards of Beaker pottery. The breaking of Beaker pots against the standing stones seems to have been part of a ceremony during that time. The largest of the Stones is called Rannach Crom Dubh and is over 40 tonnes in weight and was transported over a distance of 3 miles.

We continued our journey through the small village of Holycross and turned left to make our way to Lough Gur. DSC03108 DSC03109 DSC03112 DSC03111 DSC03110 DSC03123 DSC03120 DSC03119 DSC03118 DSC03117 DSC03116 DSC03115 DSC03114 DSC03113 DSC03134 DSC03131 DSC03127 DSC03133 DSC03130 DSC03126 DSC03132 DSC03125 DSC03143 DSC03142 DSC03141 DSC03140 DSC03139 DSC03138 DSC03137 DSC03136 DSC03135 DSC03128 DSC03147 DSC03146 DSC03144 DSC03148We parked up on our arrival at this lovely spot beside the lake and enjoyed the tranquility. Swans glided gracefully on the water and not for the first time, we remarked on the beauty of Ireland’s hidden gems, such as this place.

DSC03150 DSC03149 DSC03148 DSC03171 DSC03170 DSC03169 DSC03168 DSC03167 DSC03166 DSC03165 DSC03164 DSC03163 DSC03162 DSC03161 DSC03160 DSC03159 DSC03158 DSC03157 DSC03156 DSC03155 DSC03154

Lunch was our next port of call and we drove from Lough Gur to Bruff , just a short few miles away. The Bakehouse Restaurant was soon filled with our drivers and passengers eager and ready for food. We were not disappointed.  We had a truly delicious meal and all compliments go to chefs and staff. Take a bow, one and all!!

DSC03172 DSC03173 DSC03174 DSC03175 DSC03208 DSC03207 DSC03206 DSC03205 DSC03204 DSC03203 DSC03202 DSC03201 DSC03200 DSC03199 DSC03198 DSC03197 DSC03196 DSC03195 DSC03194 DSC03193 DSC03192 DSC03191 DSC03190 DSC03188 DSC03187 DSC03186 DSC03185 DSC03184 DSC03183 DSC03182 DSC03181 DSC03180 DSC03179 DSC03178 DSC03177 DSC03176

Time then to start our return to Adare and we drove back through lovely winding roads, noticing all the delights of early Spring. The daffodils in the gardens, the abundance of pale yellow primroses on the roadside banks together with clumps of bluebells here and there. The birds have been very busy building nests in the trees. The trees themselves were thrusting forth their first tiny green shoots telling us the annual miracle of Spring is well and truly here at last!!


Our hosts for the Spring event at Adare are David & Maria, William, Caroline & children

Our hosts for the Spring event at Adare are David & Maria, William, Caroline & children

DSC03217 DSC03216 DSC03215 DSC03214 DSC03213 DSC03212 DSC03211 DSC03210
We loaded up our cars in readiness for home and bid our farewells til next time to our fellow enthusiasts.
We had a wonderful day. Our thanks to all who made it happen. John O’Connell and his band of merry men on their motorbikes who acted as stewards for the day ensuring we took all the right turns at junctions etc and making sure all got through safely.
Tail End Charlie was the ever helpful John O’Shaughnessy. Thankfully he was not needed, but it was reassuring to know he was there.


Lastly, and most importantly, David and Marian Cuddy and family without whom the day would not happen. Every year they come up trumps and organise a great run. Not only that, but provide the good weather to go with it!!
It can truthfully be said that a great time was had by all!!


  1. Beautiful day,lovely people and hopefully we will meet up again during the year,safe travelling to all, on those gorgeous vehicles of yesteryear, a truly beautiful sight to see.

  2. Fantastic photos-very well done! A great day-enjoyed immensely!!!

  3. A great day was had by everybody. Looking forward to next outing already.

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