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AGM in April 2016

AGM in April 2016

The Irish Model T Ford Club AGM 2016

The annual general meeting took place on Sunday 3rd April 2016 at the Maldron Hotel at noon.

PRESENT were Michael Loughran(President), John Hendy, Eleanor Hendy, Raymond Megaw, Matthew Byrne, Timothy Keane,  William Cuddy, Thomas Stinson, James Stinson, Rita Loughran, Sean McEvoy, Martin Fleming, John O’Neill (C), Robert Clarke,  Michael Harris, John O’Neill (D),  Vincent Kelly,  Eamon |Dunne, Robert Clarke, Don Hubbard, Peter Duffy, John Brady, Bernard Duffy, Olene Megaw.

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APOLOGIES from Fr. Pat O’Donovan, David Cuddy, Paul Murphy, Austen Bromley, John & Gill Vahey,  Mike & Sonja Rollinson, Jim Boland, Joe Crann, Tim Crowley, Benny O’Gorman, Noel O’Keefe, Pat Rigney, Lorraine Dunne, Colt Dunne Kelly, Michael Jones, Marie Jones, Thomas Conor, Michael Rigney, Joe Crann, Pat Daly, Clive Evans and David Hore.

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NOTICE CONVENING THE MEETING was circulated in advance by at least 21 days to all members together with a short form edition of the financial statements for the year ended 31st December 2015.

SECRETARY’S report was read out by W. Cuddy.  2015 was another active year for our Club.  We ran event from April to October, one each month,  increased  our membership, reduced our costs, reduced our annual subscription, reduced our rally fee income, kept our web page up to date, observed a significant volume increase in traffic on our web site, increased worldwide traffic too, and published our bi-monthly newsletter in the Spring and Autumn of 2015.

He paid tribute to our President Michael Loughran for his leadership and guidance and time spent in keeping our Club active.  He thanked the organisers for their input – David Cuddy, Tim Keane, Bob Clarke, John Hendy, Paul Murphy, Tim Crowley, David Hore, John O’Neill D, John O’Neill C and Michael Rigney.  The Club appreciated the efforts of Lorraine Dunne in keeping the stock of club clothing for sale to our members.

TREASURER’s report was read out by Timothy Keane.  Our cash reserves continue to stand at €8,000 which figure is adequate for a club of our size.  Over the two years 2015 and 2014, the Club operated at breakeven thus giving Members excellent value for money.  He thanked members for continuing to pay their annual subscriptions.  He sent out a clear message to all members in arrears to please pay their €10 subscription on time so as to reduce administration and keep the books in balance.  The finances are sound and in good shape.

PRESIDENT’s REPORT was then presented by Michael Loughran.  He and Rita have enjoyed their first year as head of our Club were made feel  very welcome at every event held throughout Ireland which they both appreciate.  He expressed his sincere thanks to all of the members who took command of each of the events making them all safe and enjoyable.  Our Club is in good shape with active members and adequate resources.  He looks forward to meeting our Members in 2016 at the many events.

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ELECTION OF OFFICERS then took place

President – Michael Loughran

Honorary Treasurer – Timothy Keane

Honorary Secretary – William Cuddy

Chairman – Vincent Kelly

Committee members – David Cuddy, Tim Crowley, Sean McEvoy, Olene Megaw, Raymond Megaw, John O’Neill C, John Hendy, Paul Murphy, Lorraine Dunne


  • It was noted that the 27th annual rally 2016 will take place at Ballycastle Co. Antrim  organized by Olene and Raymond Megaw .
  • The 28th Annual Rally 2017 rally will take place in Westport and Thomas Conor and Marcus Molloy will take care of all mattes.
  • The 29th  annual rally will be based in County Kerry and will be put in place by Matthew Byrne and Timothy Keane.

AXA – IVVCC Classic Car Show held in early March 2016 was a great success.  There was an abundance of traffic to our stand where we had three Ts on hand.  John O’Neill D was pleased with the outcome and thanked his team of volunteers .  It is of interest that the T engine and other paraphernalia drew much attention from our visitors, many of whom never experienced the sight of Ts or the associated  bits & pieces.

CLUB CLOTHING – For the first time we commissioned the manufacture of Club Ties.  These are on sale for €20.  With limited stock they will be sold on a first come first served basis.  Lorraine Dunne has a full array of clothing for Members which is on offer at cost.  Secretary will e-mail a stock list for all members to consider.  Orders to be placed beforehand and items will be collected at rally events.  Members expressed their appreciation of Lorraine’s efforts.

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EVENT OPPORTUNITIES – This year – 2016 – there are gaps to be filled in July, August and September  for any members who would wish to volunteer their services and put on a day or week end run in their locality.  This arises from last minute changes to the indicative listing of events.  Interested members to get in touch with the Secretary where communication and awareness support will be forthcoming.

EVENTS 2016 –  The meeting firmed up on the following

  • Adare Spring Run on 17th April 2016 hosted by David & Marian
  • Youghal West Waterford Run on 22nd May 2016 hosted by Tim & Elizabeth
  • Summer run at Ballinadee on 12th June 2016 hosted by John & Mary
  • 27th Annual Rally in Ballycastle on 25th and 26th June 2016 hosted by Raymond & Olene Megaw.
  • Stradbally Steam Static Show on 31st July 2016 hosted by John & Paul
  • ImageAutumn Run  fixed for 11th September 2016 hosted by Sean McEvoy


  • IVVCC Brass Brigade on 8th and 9th October 2016

President Loughrn thanked members for supporting our Club and for attending in great numbers to this AGM.  He wished them a safe homeward journey.

THERE BEING NO FURTHER BUSINESS the meeting then ended.

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  1. From: Carmel Barrett and Girish Patel, Glanmire, Cork 021 4858985
    Dear Sir or Madam,
    Hi, I’m a special needs teacher in Cork and am privately making a short film intended for film festivals in which there is a scene that requires 2 Model T Fords. They need to be working vehicles, and we would provide the drivers with the coat and cap to wear as the film is set around 1915. In order to keep the cost to the minimum, as I am funding the film myself, total budget is just £2K, I would consider bringing the actor in the scene to the location where the cars are based/kept, since all I require is a shot of the cars passing each other behind the actor. She will also need to be driven along with her suitcase a distance of a few feet.

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