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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Dungarvan in September 2015

Dungarvan in September 2015

Members individually applied for participation in the second Brass Brigade week end run where rally headquarters were at The Park Hotel in Dungarvan.

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A sponsored event made the occasion very good value for money which was appreciated very much given the top quality service we experienced all round starting with a reception at 7:30 pm, followed by Dinner on Saturday night, a day of journeying in West Waterford including a stop for refreshments at Commeragh House and afterwards full Sunday lunch at The Park Hotel.

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The marshalling was undertaken in text book precision as at every junction and cross roads there were stewards indicating clear passage and assured safety to the seventy cars approaching or well over one hundred years of age.  Of particular interest was the quality and variety of veteran cars of European and American manufacture in equal measure and the pride and joy of owners taking their treasures perhaps for their annual outing.  Members of Irish Model T Ford Club kept their counsel;  just as well because the entry comprised no less that 22 Ts.  That is 30% of the total entry.

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The weather in general terms was kind to us with just a sharp and quick downpour at an inappropriate moment as our host at Commeragh House was about to address his special guests.


We all retreated to the warm and dry shelter of a marquee where refreshments were served and we learned some of the history of the House and gardens, starting with the Cromwellian conquest and detailing the adventures of the Palliser family.  Canadian Rockies and Arctic Explorer John Palliser (1817-1887) is commemorated widely in western Canada.   The Co. Waterford man, whose family home was Comeragh House near Mahon Bridge, is remembered in this way because of the pioneering expedition he led to this Canadian region from 1857-1860.  One of the most prodigious hotels in Calgary is the Palliser Fairmount.   In that city there is also Palliser Square, from which rises the iconic Calgary Tower.    A suburb is called, simply, Palliser.   Further west, in the eastern ranges of the Rocky Mountains, a number of topographical features are named in his honour.   A pass, a river, a lake and even a range of the Rocky Mountain cordillera bear the name Palliser.

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As the largest contingent of 100 year old veteran cars at the event it behoves our Club to record with thanks our sincere thanks to sponsors and colleagues for making the Brass Brigade weekend happen.

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We do not forget in our thanks and praise the  management and staff of The Park Hotel in Dungarvan for making us feel so welcome and for treating us to fine food, beverages and lodgings.  Travelling on uphill downhill roads traversing  the Commeragh Way was a joy with breathtaking scenery to match, where many an organiser will take note for another day.  It was made all the more enjoyable thanks to the the skilful marshalling throughout the route by a small army of brightly vested helpers.


Last word by way of  special mention to Shane Houlihan for undertaking the task of running such a successful and enjoyable event.  We will return, in even greater numbers!.

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  1. Very enjoyable weekend. Great photos

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