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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Stradbally static show 2014

Stradbally static show 2014


With encouragement from John Hendy and Paul Murphy, we did our best to accumulate in one go, a selection of cars as near as possible in numbers to fifty vehicles, to help the Stradbally Steam festival organisers celebrate 50 years of continuous festivals.

We nearly did it!  47 vehicles turned up on the day.  We were pleased.  The organisers were pleased.  Our members were pleased.  The images tell the story…

SStradballyphoto (31)

First impression of the line up of 47 Ts at Stradbally.

SStradballyphoto (10)

Christy Doyle turned up to pay his subscription.

SStradballyphoto (8)

Michael Rigney our Club President was there to meet with show organisers John Hendyand Paul Murphy, as Christy Doyle joins in for the photo shoot.


SStradballyphoto (6)

Family photo : Hendys from Stradbally and the Cuddys from Cork and Limerick.

The hospitality tent was in full swing with plenty of food and beverage on offer which made for a pleasant gathering of members to share and enjoy the experience.  As is now customary, we were happy to welcome new members to our Club.  Eleanor Hendy and supporting crew took charge of the catering task and fed the many callers.

SStradballyphoto (12)

Inside the tent.

SStradballyphoto (7)

Eleanor Hendy with her willing workers at Stradbally

SStradballyphoto (15)

John Brady from Enfield and David Hore from Co.Wexford at Strradbally.


SStradballyphoto (14)

First Club image of the new arrival to Vincent and Lorraine. Congratulations from us all.

SStradballyphoto (13)

Not to be outdone, here is the latest arival from the Hendy extended family at Stradbally.

SStradballyphoto (11)

Visitors to Stradbally – Pat Daly, John Daly with Sarah and Yvonne.

SStradballyphoto (30)

1911 Model T Ford Runabout

SStradballyphoto (29)

Reprint of accessory to convert a car into a tractor.

SStradballyphoto (28)

Lovely display of Ford original tools.

SStradballyphoto (26)

Club flag flies proud and high at Stradbally

SStradballyphoto (25)

Michael Loughran from Drogheda and Bernard Duffy from Kildare.

SStradballyphoto (24)

A further line up of Ts.

SStradballyphoto (23)

Interesting display showing the contrast of brass nickle and black.

SStradballyphoto (22)

Rear view line up.

SStradballyphoto (21)

View from the passengers’ seat from inside a T.

SStradballyphoto (20)

Welcome new member.

SStradballyphoto (19)

Mr. Ken Graham, President of the Irish Steam Preservation Society with Paul Murphy and Timothy Keane.


Mr. Ken Graham, President of the Irish Steam Preservation Society presents John Daly and Sarah with a plaque.  This car is a 1926 Model Roadster.


SStradballyphoto (18)

Isaac Gunnell is our senior member and is photographed being chauffeured driven by his nephew John Hendy in what was his own Model T until recently where he handed it on to the next generation.  Issaac’s car is a 1909 Model T Touring Car and probably the oldest T on display at Stradbally this year.  We wish you well Issac.



1909 Model T Touring Car formerly owned by Issac Gunnell.


A final thank you to those of our members who took time and trouble, not to mention expense, in attaining a splendid show of Model T Ford cars and commercials at Stradbally Steam Festival in August 2014.

We have received very positive feedback from members of the public who have expressed their appreciation to us for the time and care we devote to keep the Model T Ford preserved and in good working order.

Thanks to John and Paul again.  Thanks to members for showing up.  Thanks to the public for visiting us.

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