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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Michael Collins re-enactment

Michael Collins re-enactment

On 22nd August 1922 …Michael Collins left The Imperial Hotel, Cork at 6:10 a.m.

Ready to go 3

He travelled up the South Mall, around the Grand Parade and up Washington Street to Ballincollig and Macroom.

Line up of convoy

His convoy consisted of a Triumph H Motor Cycle, a Model T Truck with 12 soldiers,

Humber and Slieve na Mban


a yellow Leyland Eight Touring car and a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost armoured car.

This morning, 6th June, the vehicles similar to those on that fateful day lined up outside the Hotel, this time for filming by the crew of RTE who are doing an hour long programme on this subject.



The Irish Model T Ford Club reacted positively to the call for duty and 12 members and friends were present in the troop carrier thus playing their in the re-enactment.

With thanks to RTE crew for inviting us to participate and to our members

Donal, Chris & Matthew


Timothy Keane, Matthew Byrne and our pastor Rev. Fr Pat O’Donovan for making the event happen.  Other apostles were Chartered Accountants Donal O’Leary, Richard Cuddy, Chris O’Mahony & William Cuddy, Surgeon Peter O’Leary, Senior Counsel James O’Mahony, Landscape Gardners Seamus O’Callaghan & Alan Kenneally and Engineers David Dunne & John Hales…a mighty gathering!

Troopers 2

Donal, Chris & Matthew


Phil Tivey brought along his immaculate Humber Touring Car – as near a replica as could be found and the colour was not too far off.

Humber and Slieve na Mban


Special thanks to Chris O’Mahony for leading the convoy

Chris and his Triumph Model H


and to The Irish Army for supplying the Armoured Car.

Chris Starting Truiumph Model H

We were all back at home by 7:00 am after an exciting start to our day.

Driver - Officer

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Rev. Fr. Pat O’Donovan…

(one of the re-enactment apostles) has found details of the Leyland Eight Touring Car.  If you click on the link marked in blue you will see pictures of the car itself and reference to “Michael Collins, the Irish politician and revolutionary leader, was travelling in a Leyland Eight when he was fatally shot in 1922”.  With grateful thanks to Fr. Pat. Ed.

Post script..if there are any inaccuracies in the text of Michael Collins kindly contact our Secretary who will make corrections as required.

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Help support this site, sponsored ads
Help support this site, sponsored ads