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Model T Ford - Ireland

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Model T Specification


20 horsepower, 4 cylinder in line L-head side valve with detachable cylinder head and 3 bearing crankshaft.  Bore/Stroke: 3 ¾ by 4” Displacement: 2896 cc (177 cubic inches).


Integral with the engine.  Foot operated 2 speed and reverse epicyclic transmission foot-brake.


Torque tube driveshaft to live rear axle.  Hand-brake to rear wheels.


Flywheel magneto, producing an alternating current, operating four trembler coils via a low-tension distributor (commutator or timer).


Finest quality vanadium steel was utilised throughout to create a tough lightweight construction with three point suspension to both front and rear axles.  Transverse leaf springs and radius rods.



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Help support this site, sponsored ads
Help support this site, sponsored ads